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3 soups everyday! Cup or Bowl, XL bowl. Try our prominent Clam Chowder or our distinguished Tortilla Soup; Never forget our Chef’s Choice in several yummy flavors like chicken noodle soup, potato soup, tomato soup, ranch hand soup, broccoli soup, and gumbo soup. where we get to show off some of our creativeness. Yum! It makes me want to cuddle up in a warm blanket, grab a book, and eat one of these yummy homemade soups made here daily


Repeat after me, “Chow-DAH!” That’s the way it should be said, if you are anywhere in the vicinity of New England, which is the birthplace of this wonderful clam stew. The word “chowder” is thought to have been derived from “chaudière”, an old French term for cauldron, or a big cooking pot. Traditionally chowder is made with salt pork, onions, potatoes, milk or cream, butter, and fish like cod or haddock, or clams. Many of the older recipes add some wine (Madeira) as well. There’s a wonderful website I recommend called The New England Chowder Compendium which showcases a collection of historical chowder recipes dating back to the 1700s. Chowder is one of those things that is made in many different ways, and pretty much everyone thinks their way is best. It’s worth noting that the variations of this stew go back hundreds of years!


OMGosh! This is the BEST TORTILLA SOUP EVER!! That’s what our guest say whom eat out every day, and often times try various restaurants' tortilla soup and it is never this good!


Soup is the epitome of comfort, a wonderful soul warming food filled with wholesome ingredients and fantastic flavors. Homemade soup allows the cook complete mastery over what goes into each recipe, and the methods and techniques used to create delicious and nutritious dishes. Simply Soups presents easy to follow, step-by-step soup recipes in a format that takes the guesswork out of preparation, and allows the home chef to concentrate on creating perfect soup every time out. Soups are ideal as appetizers or starters, as a side dish, or as a one-pot meal.

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